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Believe it or not, the secret to financial success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s actually a lot more about money management and effectively using the money you have. This is why almost every financial advisor will recommend the same first step on your path to financial success—make a budget.

This isn’t a money management tip most people like to hear. Most people think that a budget means boredom and, even worse, sacrifice. However, any disadvantages of making a budget are easily outweighed by the advantages, and you’ll be surprised by how good you feel after you’ve made a budget and stuck with it.

Why Should I Have A Budget?

How to Create a Budget

Budgeting in Special Financial Situations

How to Stick With Your Budget

How to Adjust Your Budget

What to do Next with your Budget

Plan for Your Future With First Alliance Credit Union 

Whether you’re budgeting for one person or budgeting for newlyweds, a budget can help everyone. It takes some work initially, but the advantages you’ll get once you’ve made a budget and stuck with it are hard to overstate.

If you need help creating a budget, First Alliance Credit Union has several budgeting tools available. You can download our free budgeting calculator, as well as set up and rename multiple savings accounts if you want to replicate the “digital envelope” method of budgeting. You can also use the My Money feature in our online banking account to help track your monthly expenses and use that information to help you set up your first budget.

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