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Saving money is a vital step on the road to financial success. Unfortunately, it’s a step many people avoid. They believe they don’t make enough money to save, or that they have so many expenses they can’t set any money aside.

The truth, however, is that when you know the best ways to save money and earn interest, you’ll be able to put money in your savings without having to sacrifice in other areas. Even better, you can parlay your savings plan into a nest egg that will bolster your financial security and help you achieve your financial goals.

Why Save Money?

How Much Should I Save?

How to Select a Savings Account

How to Start Saving Money

What to do With the Money You've Saved

Let First Alliance Credit Union help you save for your future.

When you become a member of First Alliance Credit Union, you automatically get a traditional savings account in which you can start direct depositing part of your paycheck. You can also take advantage of all our savings accounts and even invest money with us when you start saving for a long-term goal.

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