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Ready to make the switch to First Alliance Credit Union?

We've made switching to First Alliance Credit Union as easy as possible. Our free Switch Kit is designed to make transitioning your recurring payments and direct deposits to your new First Alliance account organized and painless.

Your free First Alliance Switch Kit will help you:

  1. Get everything organized for your switch
  2. Move your direct deposits and automatic payments
  3. Close your old banking accounts

All the documents included in your free First Alliance Switch Kit are fillable PDFs. You can easily type in your information, then print or email the documents as needed! 

Your free First Alliance Credit Union Switch Kit includes:

  • Switch Kit Checklist
  • Automatic Payment & Deposit Checklist
  • Direct Deposit Transfer Letter
  • Automatic Payment Transfer Letter
  • Account Closure Request Letter

What are you waiting for? Download your free Switch Kit now!

For A Smooth & Easy Switch 

Download Your Switch Kit