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Get Ready for Back-to-School Shopping!

Back to School Budget

This budget template will help you plan for the expense of buying your children back-to-school supplies, from pencils and notebooks to new back-to-school clothes. When you fill it out, you'll have a clearer idea of what items will cost and give you a goal to save for.


  • Fill out the form to the right to request the assessment download. 
  • Download the PDF and start planning your back-to-school budget. 
  • Feel free to edit the template to fit your own back-to-school shopping requirements.

For best results, use the back-to-school supplies list most school districts send to parents to tailor this budget template to your needs. Once you have an estimate of what you'll have to spend, you can search for ways to lower your back-to-school spending like these tips.

Download the Back-to-School Budget Template

Get your children ready for school!