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Request Your No Hassle Loan

Complete the form below to request your No Hassle Loan from First Alliance Credit Union today. Our No Hassle Loan is a safe option to get $1,000 cash when you need it quickly! You simply repay the balance back over a short 12 month period at a low interest rate of 8.25%*.  It's fast, affordable, and convenient cash from a local lender you know and trust.

*Disclosure: Must have at least one year as a member of First Alliance Credit Union, at least one year at your current job, and a six-month history of direct deposit with the credit union. All other existing loans must be in good standing before a No Hassle Loan will be provided. Proof of employment maybe required. $50 convenience fee will be applied. No Hassle Loan Payment Example: $1,000 loan at 8.25% interest rate + $50 convenience charge = 17.56% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for a monthly payment of $92.00.